“Heptapolis-Trilogy, the Vision of Delphi”.

On Monday, July 4th, 2022, at 11:00 am, at the Zappeion Megaron, the first official announcement of the OLYMPUS association will take place to present the emblematic developmental project “Heptapolis-Trilogy, the Vision of Delphi”.

The “OLYMPUS – Universal Intellectual Center “, founded in 1984 by 185 founding members, had as its statutory principle to design and establish the “Heptapolis-International Green City”, which would be the motivation for Greece to become a World Center of Letters, Art, Science and Technology.

Over the years, with the progressive collaboration of the scientists of the Association, two more developmental cities were added next to Heptapolis, the “Delphic Amphictyony of Earth & Space” that would operate based on the standards of the Silicon Valley of the US, with the main goal to find a solution for the problem of Climate Change,  pollution and the extinction of the biodiversity of planet Earth, as well as the “City of the Golden Section” that would function as a Global Central Library of Ancient Greek Secretariat, which would include all the knowledge of Greek intellectuals from prehistoric times, to present day and into eternity.

Paul Pissanos, the founder of the OLYMPUS Association and the instigator  of the project of Heptapolis-Trilogy, with the voluntary participation of dozens of Greek and foreign scientists over the years, with discretion, creative contemplation, with courage and patience, while deeply impressed of the Golden Number 1,618 and with the in-depth analysis done by his math associate Hippocrates Dakoglou, he began to design and redesign his vision, the Heptapolis, until its complete adaptation to the seven Pythagorean circles, which constituted its Pythagorean calculus of the creation of the world.

According to the instigator of Heptapolis and his enlightened scientists, Heptapolis hides within the structure of “The numbers of the Universe”, which are the number 7 and 1,618.

The main purpose of the present creator of the project is to make the visitors of the future feel, when they enter Heptapolis, that they have entered the City of Geometry and Arithmetic, Proportion and Symmetry”, because they constitute the Knowledge of God.

At the stage of realizing Heptapolis’s constructions, firstly, the scientific committee of the Association created the necessary business plans, which among other they were handed over to the today’s relevant Governmental Bodies.

When the Municipal Authority of the Municipality of Delphi, was informed by the OLYMPOS Association Committee about the great building plan of the three cities in the wider area of ​​the municipalities of Fokida and Boeotia, proposed to Paul Pissanos to build all three cities in the wider area of the Municipality of Delphi, in which there are also suitable areas not only for the three cities, but also for infrastructure projects.

In recent months, a Special Topographic Study Aircraft has mapped the land of the coterminous prefectures of many tens of thousands of acres, while topographic maps were created by the architects of our association in our special study offices that are in progress of continuous creation, to start the studies of the constructions, under the guidance of the architecture veteran Ioannis Vikelas.

Note that, all three cities of the trilogy are created entirely on a 3D simulator and they exist in a complete image with narrative description in Greek and English in our association’s website: www.heptapolis.com.

The OLYMPOS Association consists of a 150-course curriculum program on the website https://avatar-e-learning.com, based on university standards, supporting particularly the learning knowledge of ancient Greek secretariat courses and other subject areas.

It should also be noted that very soon on a new website:

https://heptapolis-finearts.com, the “Marble Bible of the Immortal Sponsors and the Benefactors” will be released, which will inform the way of mutual cooperation between the Sponsors and the -Benefactors of the Trilogy projects.

The Association is in contact with Major Companies and International Funds and is inviting them to participate in the developmental program of Europe and other funding programs.

The large expatriates abroad (AHEPA, Rotary, etc.) are informed of their way of participating in the grandeur work of modern Greece, while the executives of the “Trilogy” are preparing proposals for cooperation and mutual exchanges with the UN, UNESCO and other major international institutions, the result of which will make Delphi a reference point of Letters, Arts, Sciences and Technology for all peoples of the earth.

At Megaron Zappeion, on July 4, 2022 at 11 am, representatives of governmental bodies were invited to attend as well as journalists and investors.

Their presence will validate the prestige of the collective effort of Greek visionaries and their scientific knowledge who offered to the president of the association, Paul Pissanos, the necessities to continue his fight and the collective effort to realize the projects of the Trilogy.

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