After the success of last year’s “SACRED FOOTPRINTS” project, based on the poem written by Parthena Tsoktouridou,sponsored by the Panarcadian Federation of Canada, Ekfrassi Performing Arts is back this year to commemorate the 100 Years of the Asia Minor Catastrophe with the production of a short film based on the poem ΠΡΟΣΦΥΓΙΚΗ ΡΑΨΩΔΙΑ written by Parthena Tsoktouridou. This project is dedicated to all of our grand parents who went through the horrific traumas of the 1919 Genocide and the Asia Minor Catastrophe in 1922.Anyone with the command of the Greek language can audition. See the dates below. We are also planning a 3 day Dance workshop with Dances from Pontos, Cappadocia, Smyrna and other parts of Asia Minor where our ancestors inhabited as well as cooking classes highlighting the very special dishes, herbs, sweets and specialties of the Greeks of Asia Minor. Details and dates to come.So whether you are an actor, singer, musician, have roots in Asia Minor, interested in sponsoring or simply want to embark with us on this memorable voyage, come join our Ekfrassi Family. We need all the help we can get to make this project another unforgettable chapter of our lives.

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